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From politika (politics) +‎ -isks. Probably borrowed as such, ultimately from Latin politicus, Ancient Greek πολιτικός (politikós), with the ending changed under the influence of words with the suffix -isks.


politisks (definite politiskais, comparative politiskāks, superlative vispolitiskākais, adverb politiski)

  1. political (relating to politics)
    politiskā iekārtathe political system, order
    politiskais režīmspolitical regime
    politiska partijapolitical party
    politiskas parmaiņaspolitical change
    politiska krīzepolitical crisis
    politiskās tiesībaspolitical rights
    politiskā izglītībapolitical education
    politiskā darbībapolitical activity
    politisks noziegumspolitical crime
    politiskā policijapolitical police
    politiskā ģeogrāfijapolitical geography
  2. (definite forms) political, political prisoner (a person serving a sentence because of prohibited political activity)
    Martiņš Biezais kopā ar citiem politiskajiem iznāca brīvībāMartiņš Biezais, together with the other political prisoners, came free