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poly- +‎ protic


polyprotic (comparative more polyprotic, superlative most polyprotic)

  1. (chemistry, of an acid or a base) That can donate (or accept) more than one proton; polybasic.
    • 1946, Alexander Smith, Smith's College Chemistry, page 267:
      Many acids, however, are able to furnish more than one proton per molecule; these are known as polyprotic acids.
    • 2011, Steven S. Zumdahl, Chemistry: An Atoms First Approach[1]:
      Some important acids, such as sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and phosphoric acid (H3PO4) can furnish more than one proton and are called polyprotic acids.
    • 2012, Daniel C. Harris, Exploring Chemical Analysis[2], page 233:
      Carbonic acid from CO2 and amino acids from proteins are examples of polyprotic acids—those having more than one acidic proton.