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pomo +‎ -phobe, possibly as a play on homophobe.


pomophobe (plural pomophobes)

  1. One who fears, dislikes, or hates postmodernism and/or postmodernists.
    • 1985, Arts & Architecture, Volume 4, Issue 2, page 49:
      Pomophobes who teach find that they are surrounded by less-than-reverent students who want to do the latest thing, namely the despised you-know-what.
    • 2000, Kevin Glynn, Tabloid Culture: Trash Taste, Popular Power, and the Transformation of American Television, Duke University Press (2000), →ISBN, page 71:
      Of course, forms of cultural production that combine the "real" and the "fictional" are hardly anything new (an observation that does not render the concept of the postmodern "silly," as some pomophobes would have it).
    • 2000, Beverley C. Southgate, Why Bother with History?: Ancient, Modern and Postmodern Motivations, Routledge (2013), →ISBN, page 141:
      It is the fear of having, not only intellectual but also moral, edifices shattered, with all the chaos that would then become apparent, that lies at the root of 'pomophobia', or fear of postmodernism; and the pomophobes do have a point.