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From Middle English possibilite, from Middle French possibilité (from Old French possibilite) and directly from Late Latin possibilitās (possibility), from Latin possibilis (possible); see possible.



possibility (countable and uncountable, plural possibilities)

  1. The quality of being possible.
    Synonym: possibleness
    There is little possibility of that happening.
  2. A thing possible; that which may take place or come into being.
    Synonyms: contingency; see also Thesaurus:possibility
    • 2013 July 20, “The attack of the MOOCs”, in The Economist, volume 408, number 8845:
      Since the launch early last year of […] two Silicon Valley start-ups offering free education through MOOCs, massive open online courses, the ivory towers of academia have been shaken to their foundations. University brands built in some cases over centuries have been forced to contemplate the possibility that information technology will rapidly make their existing business model obsolete.
  3. An option or choice, usually used in context with future events.
    Synonyms: choice, option; see also Thesaurus:option
  4. (obsolete) Capability, power or capacity to act.


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