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Learned borrowing from Latin praeveniō (anticipate).


  • IPA(key): /pʁev.niʁ/, /pʁɛv.niʁ/
  • (file)


prévenir (transitive)

  1. to prevent, to avert, to guard against
    C’est la meilleure méthode pour prévenir la fraude et la corruption.
    That is the best method of preventing fraud and corruption.
  2. to notify, to warn, to forewarn
    Il vous enverra des avertissements afin de vous prévenir de l’arrivée à échéance de votre abonnement.
    It will send you warnings to notify you when your subscription is about to expire.


This is a verb in a group of -ir verbs. All verbs ending in -venir, such as convenir and devenir, are conjugated this way. Such verbs are the only verbs whose the past historic and subjunctive imperfect endings do not start in one of these thematic vowels (-a-, -i-, -u-).

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