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Alternative forms[edit]


pre- +‎ op


pre-op (not comparable)

  1. Happening before an operation.
    a pre-op consultation
    • 2011, Darrell A. Campbell, “Patient Safety”, in Michael W. Mulholland; Gerard M. Doherty, editors, Complications in Surgery, 2nd edition, Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, →ISBN, page 58–59:
      For example, Goal 7 “Reduce the risk of health care associated infections” stipulates, among other things, that hospitals have specific strategies in place to prevent surgical site infection (SSI), that they provide regular feedback about SSI rates to caregivers, with follow-up for 30 days, that they discontinue the use of shaving as a method of preop hair removal, etc.
  2. Not yet operated on.
    • 2013, Niall Richardson, ‎Clarissa Smith, ‎Angela Werndly, Studying Sexualities: Theories, Representations, Cultures (page 92)
      The three pre-op transsexuals are attired in cheap, synthetic clothes and, to emphasize this point, one of them even wears a polyester imitation of Samantha's luxury silk nightgown []




pre-op (plural pre-ops)

  1. (medicine) A preoperative patient or procedure.
  2. (LGBT) A preoperative trans man or trans woman.


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