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Alternative forms[edit]


pre- +‎ charge


precharge (not comparable)

  1. before a charge
    • 2007 November 18, Raymond Bonner, “The Tories Find Their Inner Liberal”, in New York Times[1]:
      The view is we've fought two wars for liberty, and we'll be damned if we're going to give it up now, she said, adding that she personally favors extending precharge detention to 90 days.


precharge (plural precharges)

  1. (semiconductors) The phase in the access cycle of DRAM during which the storage capacitors are charged to the appropriate value.
    • 2013, Paul Chow, The MIPS-X RISC Microprocessor[2]:
      The purpose of the metal is to speed up the precharge, and the reason for only 4 taps is to spread the precharge out over 15 ns to avoid a huge current spike during precharge.
  2. (law) The period of time before the person is charged with a crime.


precharge (third-person singular simple present precharges, present participle precharging, simple past and past participle precharged)

  1. (semiconductors) To charge the storage capacitors as a part of the DRAM precharge phase.

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