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pro- +‎ circumcision +‎ -ist


pro-circumcisionist (plural pro-circumcisionists)

  1. A supporter of male infant circumcision.
    • 1997, Terence L. Nichols, That All May be One: Hierarchy and Participation in the Church, The Liturgical Press (1997), →ISBN, page 78:
      The question might be raised: if the Jerusalem Council decided against the pro-circumcisionists, in what way did it respect their participation?
    • 1999, Godfrey B. Tangwa, "Circumcision: An African Point of View", in Male and Female Circumcision (eds. George C. Denniston, Frederick Mansfield Hodges, & Marilyn Fayre Milos), Kluwer Academic (1999), →ISBN, page 183:
      Pro-circumcisionists have marshalled as many arguments in its favour as anti-circumcisionists have marshalled against it.
    • 2000, Q News: The Muslim Magazine, Issues 315-326, page 12:
      The target of his ire are clearly groups like Norm UK, which since its inception five years ago, has proved to be a thorn in the flesh of the pro-circumcisionists.