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anti- +‎ circ +‎ -er


anti-circer (plural anti-circers)

  1. One who opposes male infant circumcision.
    • 1998 March 29, Max Varazslo, “Re: No answers yet...”, in alt.circumcision, Usenet[1]:
      What we anti-circers hope to accomplish is to protect a newborn's right to his full range of penile sensation, which will of course develop as he grows older.
    • 2000 December 7, prhagen, “Re: The Foreskin is Necessary”, in alt.circumcision, Usenet[2]:
      And how come you consider this particular African to be credible when your fellow anti-circers have made a point of dismissing ALL African studies regarding circ status and HIV to be fatally flawed?
    • 2004 February 14, Jake Waskett, “Re: 50% of Married Women do not know if their husband is circumcised”, in alt.circumcision, Usenet[3]:
      Why are anti-circers even discussing UTIs if "bodily rights" are so all-important?