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propositus (plural proposituses)

  1. The first identified case of an inherited disease in a family. The proband or index case. Propositus applies when the patient is male; proposita if female.
    The propositus was an elderly man who passed on the disorder to three of his four children and 9 of 14 grandchildren.




Perfect passive participle of prōpōnō.


prōpositus m (feminine prōposita, neuter prōpositum); first/second declension

  1. set forth
  2. declared
  3. proposed


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative prōpositus prōposita prōpositum prōpositī prōpositae prōposita
genitive prōpositī prōpositae prōpositī prōpositōrum prōpositārum prōpositōrum
dative prōpositō prōpositō prōpositīs
accusative prōpositum prōpositam prōpositum prōpositōs prōpositās prōposita
ablative prōpositō prōpositā prōpositō prōpositīs
vocative prōposite prōposita prōpositum prōpositī prōpositae prōposita


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    • (ambiguous) to be exposed to the assaults of fate: fortunae telis propositum esse
    • (ambiguous) I intend, propose to..: propositum est mihi c. Inf.
    • (ambiguous) to abide by one's resolution: propositum, consilium tenere (opp. a proposito deterreri)
    • (ambiguous) to carry out one's plan: propositum assequi, peragere
    • (ambiguous) to persevere in one's resolve: in proposito susceptoque consilio permanere
    • (ambiguous) to digress, deviate: digredi (a proposito) (De Or. 2. 77. 311)
    • (ambiguous) a theme, subject proposed for discussion: id quod (mihi) propositum est
    • (ambiguous) a theme, subject proposed for discussion: res proposita
    • (ambiguous) to digress from the point at issue: a proposito aberrare, declinare, deflectere, digredi, egredi
    • (ambiguous) to come back to the point: ad propositum reverti, redire
    • (ambiguous) the task I have put before myself is..: mihi propositum est c. Inf. (or mihi proposui, ut)