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From French protubérance, from Latin prōtubērantia (bulge; protuberance), from prō + tūber (swelling; protuberance) + -antia (-ance).


  • (UK) IPA(key): /pɹəʊˈtjuːbəɹəns/
  • (file)
  • (US) IPA(key): /pɹoʊˈtuːbəɹəns/
  • (file)


protuberance (plural protuberances)

  1. A bulge, knob, swelling, spine or anything that protrudes.
    Synonyms: bulge, bump, protrusion, tuberosity
    • 1941 August, “Notes and News: The Swiss South Eastern Railway”, in Railway Magazine, page 376:
      For the most part they were small standard gauge 0-6-0 side tanks of the type illustrated, with long tapered chimneys and an unusual feature for the Continent in the shape of domeless boilers, the protuberance just behind the chimney being a sandbox.
    • 1989, Ben Aaronovitch, Remembrance of the Daleks:
      Ever since their creation the Daleks have been attempting to conquer and enslave as much of the universe as they could get their grubby little protuberances on.

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