pussy hat

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Woman wearing pussy hat

Alternative forms[edit]


From the appearance of the hat as reflecting both the pinkness of a woman's vulva ("pussy") and the appearance of a cat's (pussy's) ears.


pussy hat (plural pussy hats)

  1. A simple pink knitted hat with corners representing ears, worn in symbolic solidarity with women. Introduced for the Women's March on January 21, 2017, and subsequently worn at various protest marches and rallies.
    • 2017, Diana Morland, She Marched: a romantic short story:
      She'd taught herself to knit from YouTube videos just so she could make her own pussy hat for the march.
    • 2017, Erin Passons, The Nasty Women Project: Voices from the Resistance, →ISBN:
      It took hours for it to reach us, and then four more hours to make it across the Central Business District, but it was worth it—to be surrounded by the beautiful pink mass of pussy hats, the witty signs, the anti-trump shirts and hoodies.
    • 2017, Elizabeth Warren, This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class, →ISBN:
      The sidewalks were full of people hurrying toward the Common—women in pink pussy hats, men pushing strollers, kids laughing and running. I saw a little girl riding on her father's shoulders while clutching a handlettered sign that read, I FIGHT LIKE A GIRL.
    • 2018 February 8, Lowry, Rich, “Yes, we should throw a parade”, in Politico[1], archived from the original on 08 February 2018:
      But now the best argument against Trump's parade is that it will become a cultural-war flashpoint and “the resistance” will try its utmost to ruin the affair. Just imagine a protester in a pussy hat in a Tiananmen Square-style standoff with an M1 Abrams tank.