put foot to ass

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Alternative forms[edit]


put foot to ass (third-person singular simple present puts foot to ass, present participle putting foot to ass, simple past and past participle put foot to ass)

  1. (literally, idiomatic, slang, mildly vulgar) To beat the shit out of someone or something; whoop (someone's) ass
    • 2010, David Greven, Manhood in Hollywood from Bush to Bush:
      Gibbons, as Jackson plays him, unflinchingly responds, “A small price I paid for putting foot to ass for my country,” oddly vivid metaphorical language.
    • 2011, Mikal Malone, Pitbulls In A Skirt 3:
      He sighed a little but I wouldn't have a problem putting foot to his ass if need be.
    • 2012, Zane, The Sex Chronicles, Nervous, and Skyscraper:
      I shrugged and said, “There's nothing to tell. I put foot to ass when need be, protect Jon from people that try to fuck her over without grease, and I love to have fun from time to time.”

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