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From French quadrilliard, equivalent to quadri- +‎ -illiard.


quadrilliard (rare)

  1. A thousand million million million million: 1 followed by twenty-seven zeros, 1027.
    • 2002 June 19, bruce, “Re: Australians did it again! (?)”, in alt.fan.robert-jordan, Usenet, message-ID <cs9qea.as3.ln@ID-92747.user.dfncis.de>:
      Ugh. An Australian should use Australian numbers (the same as British), not American. 10^27 is 1,000 quadrillion (or a quadrilliard). An octillion would be 10^48.
    • 2003 December 3, arie, “Re: Why Women "Test" Men, and What Men can Do About It”, in alt.support.loneliness, Usenet, message-ID <bqkc2m$dg9$1@news.tudelft.nl>:
      Your estimation was quite accurate. In a body of 75 kg of water, there are roughly 2.5 x 10^28. That's 25 octillion (US) or 25 quadrilliard (EU).
    • 2014 May 16, Buckingham, Lela, “Chapter 3: Systems of Measurement”, in Fundamental Laboratory Mathematics: Required Calculations for the Medical Laboratory Professional, Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Company, →ISBN, Box 3-3: Terms for Large Numbers, page 47:
      In the European system, 109 is a milliard, 1012 is a billion, 1015 is a billiard, 1018 is a trillion, 1021 is a trilliard, 1024 is a quadrillion, and 1027 is a quadrilliard. To avoid confusion in expressing these numbers, the SI prefixes are preferred.



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French numbers (edit)
[a], [b], [c] ←  1021  ←  1024 1027 1030  →  1033  → 
    Cardinal (traditional spelling): un quadrilliard
    Cardinal (post-1990 spelling): un-quadrilliard
    Ordinal: quadrilliardième
French Wikipedia article on 1027


From quadri- (four) +‎ -illiard.


  • IPA(key): /kwa.dʁi.ljaʁ/, /ka.dʁi.ljaʁ/
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quadrilliard m (plural quadrilliards)

  1. octillion (1027)