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Anglo-Norman quartaine, Old French quartaine, from Latin quartāna (short for febris quartana), noun use of feminine form of quartānus ‎(recurring every four days), from quartus ‎(fourth).



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Wikipedia quartan ‎(plural quartans)

  1. (medicine, historical) A fever whose symptoms recur every four days.
    • 1855, Sir Richard Burton, Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah, Dover 1964, p. 54:
      an Egyptian at Alexandria, whose quartan resisted the strongest applications of European physic, was effectually healed by the actual cautery, which a certain Arab Shaykh applied to the crown of his head.


quartan ‎(comparative more quartan, superlative most quartan)

  1. (medicine) Recurring every four days; especially in designating a form of malaria with such symptoms.