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rabat +‎ -ment


rabatment (plural rabatments)

  1. The rotation of a plane figure.
    • 1996, James Elkins, The Poetics of Perspective, →ISBN, page 112:
      For example, we would tend to say that qa is rabatted (rotated) around the axis qd, but notice that conventional rabatment cannot explain the position of plane topl, since it should be rabatted around the line ix in the corporea, and instead it has been rotated around a vertical line passing through d.
    • 2008, Kirsti Andersen, The Geometry of an Art, →ISBN:
      To be able to perform his constructions on a piece of paper Guidobaldo almost always applied a particular rabatment.
    • 2015, Jean Piaget, ‎Bärbel Inhelder, Memory and Intelligence, →ISBN:
      Her reconstruction was of the same type, except that the central blue arrow was now above the other two in I and beneath them in II (perfect rabatment, but no rotation).