rainbow bridge

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rainbow bridge

  1. (Germanic paganism) The road between the realm of the gods and the realm of men in Heathenry which appears in the form of a rainbow; Bifrost.
    • 1993 The Rites of Odin, Ed Fitch, Llewellyn, →ISBN, page 273.
      O High Ones of the Rainbow Bridge, Thou hast heard that which is my need And my desire.
    • 1998 Heartland, Volume 1, Issue 3 (Heathen Journal), I Believe, Joanne Fletcher - Holloway.
      With nature I give and feel her pain, In Freyja's arms I'm at peace again, And in all I've heard, And in all I've read, My life is anew, like the eagle that flew, Across the Rainbow Bridge, Myself to myself, I give to you.
    • 2004 The Book of Seithr, Runic John, Capall Bann Publishing, →ISBN, page 82.
      Asgard stands perched on the highest branches of the tree, where it is reached by crossing Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.
  2. (euphemistic) A metaphorical bridge crossed at death, usually in reference to pets.
    to cross the rainbow bridge

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