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From Middle English rein-drope, reyn-drope, reyn drope, from Old English reġndropa, from Proto-Germanic *regnadrupô. Equivalent to rain +‎ drop. Cognate with Saterland Frisian Riendruppe, West Frisian reindrip, Dutch regendroppel, regendruppel, German Low German Regendrüpp, German Regentropfen, Swedish regndroppe, Icelandic regndropi.



raindrop (plural raindrops)

  1. A single droplet of rainwater that has just fallen or is falling from the sky.
    Hypernym: drop
    • 1902, John Muir, The Grand Cañon of the Colorado:
      It is all so fine and orderly that it would seem that not only had the clouds and streams been kept harmoniously busy in the making of it, but that every raindrop sent like a bullet to a mark had been the subject of a separate thought, so sure is the outcome of beauty through the stormy centuries.
    • 1969, Hal David (lyricist), “Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head”.

Derived terms[edit]