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Borrowing from Latin raucus (hoarse, husky, raucous).



raucous (comparative more raucous, superlative most raucous)

  1. Harsh and rough-sounding.
    At night, raucous sounds come from the swamp.
  2. Disorderly and boisterous.
    Acts of vandalism were committed by a raucous gang of drunkards.
    • 2014 November 14, Stephen Halliday, “Scotland 1-0 Republic of Ireland: Maloney the hero”, The Scotsman:
      In a raucous atmosphere, it was an unforgiving and physical contest from the start. Grant Hanley conceded the first free-kick within the opening 20 seconds, setting the tone for a busy and thankless evening for Serbian referee Milorad Mazic.
  3. (Should we delete(+) this redundant sense?) Loud and annoying.
    the new neighbors had a raucous party.

Related terms[edit]


  • (disorderly and boisterous): rowdy


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