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Via some other European language) (probably German; compare Register), from Medieval Latin registrum, from Late Latin regesta ‎(list, items recorded), from Latin regerō ‎(to record, to carry back), from re- + gerō ‎(to carry, bear).


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reģistrs m (1st declension)

  1. register (list, usually official, containing, e.g., names of people, property, events)
    darbinieku reģistrs — employee register
    vietvārdu reģistrs — geographical names register
    bibliogrāfisks reģistrs — bibliographical register
    grāmatā izmantoto avotu reģistrsregister (= index) of sources mentioned in the book
  2. register (a specific form or book for registering something)
    grāmatvedības reģistrs — accounting record
    tabulveida reģistrs — tabular record
    saņemto dokumentu reģistrsrecord of received documents
    nosūtīto dokumentu reģistrsrecord of sent documents
  3. (music) register (range (of voice, musical instrument, etc.) with fixed height, timbre, intensity)
    zema, augsta reģistra balss — low-, high-register voice
  4. (music) register (different settings for height, timbre, or intensity in a musical instrument)
    akordeons ar pieciem reģistriem — an accordion with five registers
  5. (computing) register (a memory element in a computer used for temporary data storage)


Derived terms[edit]