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Via some other European language) (probably German; compare Register), from Medieval Latin registrum, from Late Latin regesta(list, items recorded), from Latin regerō(to record, to carry back), from re- + gerō(to carry, bear).


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reģistrs m (1st declension)

  1. register (list, usually official, containing, e.g., names of people, property, events)
    darbinieku reģistrs‎ ― employee register
    vietvārdu reģistrs‎ ― geographical names register
    bibliogrāfisks reģistrs‎ ― bibliographical register
    grāmatā izmantoto avotu reģistrs‎ ― register (= index) of sources mentioned in the book
  2. register (a specific form or book for registering something)
    grāmatvedības reģistrs‎ ― accounting record
    tabulveida reģistrs‎ ― tabular record
    saņemto dokumentu reģistrs‎ ― record of received documents
    nosūtīto dokumentu reģistrs‎ ― record of sent documents
  3. (music) register (range (of voice, musical instrument, etc.) with fixed height, timbre, intensity)
    zema, augsta reģistra balss‎ ― low-, high-register voice
  4. (music) register (different settings for height, timbre, or intensity in a musical instrument)
    akordeons ar pieciem reģistriem‎ ― an accordion with five registers
  5. (computing) register (a memory element in a computer used for temporary data storage)


Derived terms[edit]