red cunt hair

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red cunt hair (plural red cunt hairs)

  1. (slang, vulgar) An extremely small measurement.
    • 1983, Michaelis, David, The best of friends: profiles of extraordinary friendships[1], Morrow, →ISBN, retrieved 2009-03-02, page 231:
      A mortar round came in and missed you by an R.C.H. [an R.C.H. being survivors' lingo for something very thin—a Red Cunt Hair] and that sucker missed you by one of those.
    • 2005, Hales, John, Shooting Polaris[2], University of Missouri Press, →ISBN, retrieved 2009-03-02, page 45:
      Bump it a little west now, a hair more, a cunt hair now ... a red cunt hair ... good.
    • 2008, Georgina Spelvin, The Devil Made Me Do It[3],, →ISBN, retrieved 2009-03-02, page 110:
      "Oh, just another RCH," replies the perfectionist. "What's an RCH?" I naively inquire. The crew replies in chorus, "Red Cunt Hair." I was learning a wealth of technical jargon.



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