red ring of death

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An Xbox 360 indicating a general hardware failure, also known as a red ring of death.


Derived from the phrase blue screen of death, a type of failure on a personal computer running Microsoft Windows.


red ring of death (plural red rings of death)

  1. (video games) A fatal hardware exception in the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console characterised by 3 or 4 red indicator LEDs around the power button. Abbreviation: RRoD.

Usage notes[edit]

While red ring of death can be used as a verb, often expressed by the initialism RRoD (in the past tense "having red ringed" or "having RRoDed") it is more commonly used as a noun ("I got the RRoD..." or "my console has the red ring of death...") However, either usage is acceptable as they can tend to be situational.

Derived terms[edit]