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re- +‎ light



relight (third-person singular simple present relights, present participle relighting, simple past and past participle relighted or relit)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To light or kindle anew.
    • 1941 April, “Notes and News: Railwaymen and Snow”, in Railway Magazine, page 178:
      By Tuesday evening the track had been cleared to the three snowbound engines, and the following day, under their own steam, they were moved away; the business of relighting their fires and raising steam in such conditions is better imagined than described.
  2. To light or illuminate anew.
    • 1983 April 30, Sue Hyde, “Expanding Worldviews”, in Gay Community News, page 12:
      The lights went down on Gilbert ranting and raving about surviving nuclear war. The stage was relit and Holly sang her song, "Family Promise," written to her baby nephew.
  3. (transitive, computer graphics) To render again with different simulated lighting conditions.