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From Old French or directly from Latin remōtiō.



remotion (countable and uncountable, plural remotions)

  1. (zoology, chiefly entomology) Backward motion. (Contrast promotion.)
    • 1995, Cladocera as Model Organisms in Biology →ISBN, page 63:
      By simple promotion and remotion, assisted by some flexure and extension, the distal spines of each would reach and scratch the substratum and, on remotion, sweep coarse particles posteriorly and dorsally.
    • 2008, John L. Capinera, Encyclopedia of Entomology →ISBN, volume 4, page 3326:
      In other arthropods, promotion-remotion of the leg is accomplished at other joints. For example, in spiders promotion-remotion occurs at the coxa-trochanter joint, insects utilize the body-coxa joint, and []
  2. (especially logic, largely obsolete) Removal.
    • 1605, William Shakespeare, King Lear, II.ii:
      This act persuades me / That this remotion of the Duke and her / Is practice only.
    • 1847, Murray's Compendium of logic, with a corrected Latin text, page 155:
      A syllogism disjunctive from the enumeration of the parts is that, in which from the remotion of all the parts the remotion of the whole is concluded.
    • 1857, John Daniel Morell, Handbook of logic, page 51:
      We may proceed from the remotion of the consequent to the remotion of the antecedent.
    • 2003, 2001. a Clay Odyssey →ISBN, page 619:
      The remotion of Cr3+ from the wastewater prevents its possible oxidation.