reverse bigotry

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reverse bigotry (uncountable)

  1. (sociology) Bigotry toward a dominant or privileged group of people by a group that has historically been the target of discrimination.
    • 1990, Nixon, Richard, “Religion”, in In the Arena: A Memoir of Victory, Defeat, and Renewal[1], Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, LCCN 90-30013, OCLC 20995992, page 91:
      While the majority should not impose its religious views on the minority, the minority should respect the views of the majority. Reverse bigotry by the minority is just as reprehensible as bigotry by the majority.
    • 2001, Marie Davis, Pearls of Wisdom: Surviving Against All Odds (book 2, page 327)
      I think the worst thing they did was to instill a form of reverse bigotry in them. They now think their black side is the best part of them and have made remarks against whites.
    • 2005, Terry Tan, Culture Shock! Britain (page 135)
      Of late, reverse bigotry has been making front page news. The pernicious 'special needs' doctrine of the 1976 Race Relations Act has turned the minds of many Asian Indian parents.

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  • 1984, Jonathon Green, Newspeak