reverse racism

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Based on the notion that racism is usually directed from the political majority to a political minority.


reverse racism (uncountable)

  1. Racism against the racial majority (either a member or group of that majority or the majority in general).
    • 1935, The New Leader[1], volume 48, American Labor Conference on International Affairs, page 21:
      The unassailable statements that Indians are as good as we are, and better in some respects, and that their tribal ways are an important American value, shade imperceptibly into reverse racism: Indians are better than we are, in all respects, and their tribal ways will save and redeem us.
    • 1996, George E. Curry, The Affirmative Action Debate[2], →ISBN, page 33:
      By claiming that meritocratic judgments trump egalitarian efforts to produce tangible results, neoconservatives cast affirmative action policies as multiracial reverse racism and the major cause of racial divisiveness and low black self-esteem...

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