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revolt +‎ -er


revolter (plural revolters)

  1. Someone who revolts; a rebel or deserter
    • 1891, Various, Character Writings of the 17th Century[1]:
      He is like a revolter in an army; and as men of honour and commanders seldom prove such, but common soldiers, men of mean condition, frequently to mend their fortunes, so in religion clergymen who are commanders seldom prevail upon one another, and when they do, the proselyte is usually one who had no reputation among his own party before, and after a little trial finds as little among those to whom he revolts.
    • 1917, James Boswell, Life of Johnson[2]:
      When I came to the word Renegado, after telling that it meant "one who deserts to the enemy, a revolter," I added, Sometimes we say a GOWER. Thus it went to the press; but the printer had more wit than I, and struck it out.'