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Probably from English to rig in the 19th century and gradually widened in its meaning.



rigga (third person singular past indicative riggaði, third person plural past indicative riggað, supine riggað)

  1. to rig
    • rigga til
      to rig
    • rigga skip til
      make a ship ready for sea
    • rigga seg til
      1. equip oneself, to make preparations
      2. make oneself smart, smarten, spruce oneself up
    • rigga av
      1. prepare the ship for the home journey
      2. tidy up after a workday
  2. rigga væl
    1. to fit
    2. look handsome, look well
      • bæði rigga tey væl
        they both look handsome
    3. things run smoothly
  3. to function
    • fáa e-t at rigga
      to make something function
    • motorurin riggar
      the engine functions



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rigga (present riggar, preterite riggade, supine riggat, imperative rigga)

  1. to set up, such as a trap
  2. to set up; prepare; make something ready for use, by temporary or impromptu means
  3. to rig (a ship), to set up the rigging on a sailing vessel
  4. (slang, reflexive) to dress
    • 1970, Povel Ramel, Jag diggar dej
      du riggar dej flott, det diggar jag hot
      you dress stylishly, I like that a lot


Related terms[edit]