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Probably from English to rig in the 19th century and gradually widened in its meaning.



rigga ‎(third person singular past indicative riggaði, third person plural past indicative riggað, supine riggað)

  1. to rig
    • rigga til
      to rig
    • rigga skip til
      make a ship ready for sea
    • rigga seg til
      1. equip oneself, to make preparations
      2. make oneself smart, smarten, spruce oneself up
    • rigga av
      1. prepare the ship for the home journey
      2. tidy up after a workday
  2. rigga væl
    1. to fit
    2. look handsome, look well
      • bæði rigga tey væl
        they both look handsome
    3. things run smoothly
  3. to function
    • fáa e-t at rigga
      to make something function
    • motorurin riggar
      the engine functions



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rigga ‎(present riggar, preterite riggade, supine riggat, imperative rigga)

  1. to set up, such as a trap
  2. to set up; prepare; make something ready for use, by temporary or impromptu means
  3. to rig (a ship), to set up the rigging on a sailing vessel
  4. (slang, reflexive) to dress
    • 1970, Povel Ramel, Jag diggar dej
      du riggar dej flott, det diggar jag hot
      you dress stylishly, I like that a lot


Related terms[edit]