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From J.R.R. Tolkien, Ringwraith (fantasy character), in Lord of the Rings.


ringwraith (plural ringwraiths)

  1. Figuratively, a person who is loyal as if bound or entranced to a rock and roll band, group or organization.
    • 1976, Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, p192
      It is twisted out of shape and used for base purposes by the ringwraiths, the bent ones among the intellectuals, for purposes that are transient...
    • 1982, William Ready, Files on Parade: A Memoir, 1982, p231,
      ...or shandy quaffers at tennis with Joan Hunter-Dunn, even though many of them are mere ringwraiths of the Thomson Empire.
    • 2005, Erik Davis, Led Zeppelin IV p9
      This book, then, is a sort of tribute: an ode to the Himalaya of heavy rock, a paganish take on rock and roll, ringwraiths, and the iconic fetish of the gatefold LP."