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roof +‎ top


rooftop (plural rooftops)

A panoramic view from the Château d'Annecy of the rooftops of buildings in Annecy, France
  1. (somewhat formal) The area atop a roof.
    • Liz Rothlein, Multicultural Books for Primary Grades
      Why do you think the rooftop of their apartment building is called "tar beach"? (Answers may vary.)
  2. The top layer of a roof; the material covering or composing a roof.
    • Ernest Alanki, The Chocolate Shop Perverts
      The house itself was a mound of red baked bricks and a tin rooftop.


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


Derived terms[edit]


rooftop (not comparable)

  1. Atop a roof; on a roof.
    • Lonely Planet: Thailand's Islands and Beaches
      In recent years, we've seen Bangkok become the unofficial rooftop bar capital of the world.