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roof +‎ top


rooftop (not comparable)

  1. Atop a roof; on a roof
    In recent years, we've seen Bangkok become the unofficial rooftop bar capital of the world.
    Thailand's Islands and Beaches, Lonely Planet


rooftop (plural rooftops)

A panoramic view from the Château d'Annecy of the rooftops of buildings in Annecy, France
  1. (somewhat formal) The area atop a roof
    Why do you think the rooftop of their apartment building is called "tar beach"? (Answers may vary.)
    Multicultural Books for Primary Grades, Liz Rothlein
  2. the top layer of a roof, the material covering or composing a roof
    The house itself was a mound of red baked bricks and a tin rooftop.
    The Chocolate Shop Perverts, Ernest Alanki

Usage notes[edit]

As it refers specifically to the area atop the roof or to the top area of the roof, "rooftop" is not always synonymous with the entire "roof". For instance, "the rooftop blew off the house" would (probably unintentionally) imply some lower level of the roof remained. Compare similar location words such as desktop.


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Derived terms[edit]