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Alternative forms[edit]


Shape of a rooster's tail.

From rooster +‎ tail, from analogy with the shape of a rooster's feathered tail.


roostertail (plural roostertails)

  1. A violent fountain or spray, especially one caused by a moving vehicle or boat.
    • 1988, Libby Riddles, Race Across Alaska: First Woman to Win the Iditarod Tells Her Story[1], →ISBN, page 21:
      A roostertail of snow kicked up behind me.


roostertail (third-person singular simple present roostertails, present participle roostertailing, simple past and past participle roostertailed)

  1. To pour like a fountain; to spurt violently.
    • 2005, Pete Watson, “The Prisoner”, in The Heart of the Lion[2], →ISBN:
      The red dust of Tanguieta rolling and roostertailing behind us.
  2. To move rapidly through water, leaving a roostertail wake.
    • 2005, Dave Ames, A Good Life Wasted[3], →ISBN, page 197:
      The shiny new aluminum tribal Jet-Boat roostertailed up the river, straight for us, kicking up a wake that rocked our boat hard enough to knock the cards off the cooler.

Usage notes[edit]

  • To refer to the actual tail of a rooster, "rooster's tail" or "rooster tail" are usually used.