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Clipping of the Borrowing from French rouet volant


rouet (plural rouets)

  1. (obsolete) A flutter wheel.
    • 1882, California. Board of State Viticultural Commissioners, Reports of the Chief Viticultural Officer - Volume 1, page 62:
      The rouet appears to yield a superior flow to that of the rotary pumps for heights less than sixteen feet, but is inconvenient in not being as easily moved about as the latter, and in not being so well adapted, consequently, to exigencies in submerging vineyards that are broken up, or indeed where it is desired to utilize the water used in submersion for Summer irrigation in land at some distance from the vineyard.
    • 1918, Jay Manuel Whitham, Water Rights Determination: From an Engineering Standpoint, page 125:
      Another early modification of the rouet consisted in placing the runner in a spiral case as shown in Plate III ( g ).
    • 1922, Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, page 1303:
      The early American inward flow wheels were, however, but a modified form of the central discharge wheel which, in turn, was evolved from the rouet.

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From roue +‎ -et.


  • IPA(key): /ʁwɛ/
  • (file)


rouet m (plural rouets)

  1. spinning wheel

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