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round +‎ heels?



  1. (slang) A woman of lax morals.
    • 2001, Patricia Highsmith, Strangers on a Train [1]:
      [...] “His wife was a roundheels anyway—”
      “Darling.” She took him by the braid-edged lapels. “Won’t you watch your language a little for the duration? I know Grannie’s horrified sometimes.”
      “Grannie wouldn’t know what a roundheels means,” Bruno said hoarsely.
    • 2003, Dan Simmons, Hard Freeze [2]:
      But now she ignored the display, nodded attentively, and tried to sound smart but not too smart, agreeable but not a total pushover, and—when Emilio flirted—appropriately slutty but not a complete roundheels.
    • 2004, Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment [3]:
      “Ah, that’d be Roundheels Molly?” said Corporal Scallot, looking up and grinning. “She’s sent many a lad on his way rejoicing.”