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An alteration of an earlier form rinel (from Old English rynel, by assimilation with run, equivalent to run +‎ -el.



runnel ‎(plural runnels)

  1. A small stream, a rivulet.
    • 1998, great chambers in the rock where all sorts of plants were growing, under windows which had been cut to let in the sun, and glazed to adjust his warmth, and where runnels of water ran between fruit trees and seedlings — AS Byatt, Elementals

Derived terms[edit]


runnel ‎(third-person singular simple present runnels, present participle (UK) runnelling or (US) runneling, simple past and past participle (UK) runnelled or (US) runneled)

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    • 2014, Paul Salopek, Blessed. Cursed. Claimed., National Geographic (December 2014)[1]
      The people who settled here weren’t farmers. They hunted. Yet they built a large amphitheater of mud, a platform carefully runneled to carry liquid—possibly blood.