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From słowo +‎ -nik.


  • IPA(key): /ˈswɔv.ɲik/
  • (file)


słownik m inan (diminutive słowniczek)

  1. dictionary, glossary, lexicon
    Wykorzystuję słownik, by sprawdzić definicję słów, których nie znam.
    I use the dictionary to find definitions of words I don't know.

Usage notes[edit]

Słownik is a Polish word which is usually translated as “dictionary”, but its usage is much wider than that. Almost anything that contains definitions of words is a “słownik”.

While generally in Polish an encyclopedia is not usually considered to be a słownik, specialist encyclopedias often are thus called as in “Słownik Chemiczny”. This particular meaning is similar to glossary or lexicon (“Lexicon of Chemistry”).

The second meaning of słownik is vocabulary employed by or known to an individual (see one of the meanings of lexicon). This is a short and not elegant form of the word słownictwo.



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