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From słowo +‎ -nik. Compare Czech slovník, Slovak slovník.


  • IPA(key): /ˈswɔv.ɲik/
  • (file)


słownik m inan (diminutive słowniczek)

  1. dictionary, glossary, lexicon
    Przy użyciu słownika sprawdzam definicję słów, których nie znam.
    I use the dictionary to look up definitions of words I don't know.
  2. vocabulary, personal lexicon
    Synonyms: słownictwo, zasób słowny

Usage notes[edit]

Słownik is a Polish word which is usually translated as “dictionary”, but its usage is much wider than that. Almost anything that contains definitions of words is a “słownik”.

While generally in Polish an encyclopedia is not usually considered to be a słownik, specialist encyclopedias often are thus called as in ”Słownik Chemiczny”. This particular meaning is similar to glossary or lexicon (“Lexicon of Chemistry”).



Derived terms[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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