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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Vietic *k-ruːʔ (crocodile).

According to Blench (2018), a back-front vowel mismatch among Vietic reflexes, e.g. Muong khủ vs. Thavung [script needed] (khɛ̰̂ː), suggests the existence of two local roots, "conceivably related" albeit "doubtful" (unless Thavung reflex was a loan from Thai). Outside Vietic branch, confer Chong rəkɔ̀ɔ vs. Khmu [script needed] (ckʰrɛː)[1].

Also compare Proto-Mon-Khmer *krɓə(ə)ʔ[2], whence Khmer ក្រពើ (krɑpəə).


(classifier con) sấu (/𩽉/𩽤)

  1. crocodile
  2. (by extension) crocodilian

Etymology 2[edit]

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(classifier cây, trái, quả) sấu ()[3]

  1. Dracontomelon duperreanum, a species of flowering plants in the Anacardiaceae (cashew family).
  2. (by extension) The genus Dracontomelum.
  3. Fruit of Dracontomelon duperreanum.


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Further reading[edit]

"Crocodilus" in Taberd J. L. (1838) Dictionarium Latino-Anamaticum, Volume 2