salted egg

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Calque of Chinese 鹹蛋咸蛋 (xiándàn), from salted +‎ egg.


  • (Singapore) IPA(key): /sɔtəʔek̚/


salted egg (plural salted eggs)

  1. A Chinese preserved food consisting of a duck egg that has been soaked in brine or packed in damp, salted charcoal.
    • 1857, Evariste Régis Huc, Christianity in China, Tartary and Thibet: From the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope to the establishment of the Mantchoo-Tartar dynasty in China, page 243:
      Father Semedo and Brother Sebastian, on account of their illness, and by extraordinary favour, were allowed half a hard salted egg each, instead of the herbs.
    • 2009, Teresa M., A Tradition of Soup: Flavors from China's Pearl River Delta, page 136:
      Bring to boil and add marinated pork and salted egg.
    • 2011, Anita Lo & Charlotte Druckman, Cooking without Borders [unpaginated]:
      The Chinese first developed this way of treating the egg as a preservation measure, but you’ll find salted eggs all over Southeast Asia – in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and elsewhere.
    • 2015, Jennifer Megyesi, The Joy of Keeping Chickens: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Poultry for Fun or Profit, page 170:
      Using your hands, mix the pork, salted egg white, raw egg, tamari or soy, honey, salt, pepper and cream.