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From Hindi संघी (saṅghī), from Hindi राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ (rāṣṭrīya svayansevak saṅgh), a Hindu nationalist right-wing group in India. Ultimately from Sanskrit सङ्घ (saṅgha, heap, multitude, crowd).



sanghi (plural sanghis)

  1. (India, nationality, patriotic) a supporter of the Sang Parivar.
    • 2017, Times of India[1]:
      By using Sanghi, Digvijaya Singh is apparently referring to the RSS, the parent organisation of the BJP.
  2. (India) a Hindutvavadi or a Hindu nationalist or patriotismic.
    • 2020, Times of India[2]:
      BJP leaders including H Raja posted clips of old newspapers and posters to support Rajini’s [Rajinikanth, an Indian film actor] claim about the Salem rally, while the DMK and its allies mocked the actor for "superficial" comments and aligning with right-wingers even before launching his political party formally. Hashtags like "Can't apologise" and "Sanghi Rajini" were trending through the day.



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