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Alternative forms[edit]




  1. (obsolete) simple past tense and past participle of say


sayd (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) said, mentioned earlier
    • A history of the cries of London, Ancient and modern (1884)
      The most excellent historie of the Merchant of Venice, with the extreme crueltie of Shylocke, the Jewe, towards the sayd merchant, in cutting a just pound of his flesh, and obtaining of Portia by the choyse of three caskets...

Usage notes[edit]

In some dialects, said is pronounced sayd and is sometimes spelled that way in dialects, in addition to its use in archaic contexts.


Middle English[edit]



  1. Alternative form of seide
    • 1470–1485 (date produced), Thomas Malory, “Capitulum ij”, in [Le Morte Darthur], book II, [London: [] by William Caxton], published 31 July 1485, OCLC 71490786, leaf 40, recto; republished as H[einrich] Oskar Sommer, editor, Le Morte Darthur [], London: David Nutt, [], 1889, OCLC 890162034, lines 2–4, page 79:
      Thenne the mooſt party of the knyghtes of the round table ſayd that Balen did not this auenture al only by myghte but by wytchecraft
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