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Alternative forms[edit]


From Ancient Greek σκηνή (skēnḗ, stage, scene).



scaena f (genitive scaenae); first declension

  1. stage
  2. scene
  3. theatre
  4. natural background
  5. publicity, the public eye
  6. euphemism for death with dēcēdo

scaena f

  1. vocative singular of scaena

scaenā f

  1. ablative singular of scaena


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative scaena scaenae
genitive scaenae scaenārum
dative scaenae scaenīs
accusative scaenam scaenās
ablative scaenā scaenīs
vocative scaena scaenae



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    • to introduce a character on the stage: in scaenam producere aliquem
    • to come upon the stage: in scaenam prodire
    • to reappear on the stage: in scaenam redire
    • to retire from the stage: de scaena decedere
    • to bring a thing upon the stage: in scaenam aliquid inducere