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Alternative forms[edit]


Earlier scenary, from scene +‎ -ary, but now remodelled as scene +‎ -ery.



scenery (countable and uncountable, plural sceneries)

  1. View, natural features, landscape.
  2. Stage backdrops, property and other items on a stage that give the impression of the location of the scene.
    • 1695, John Dryden, “Preface of the Translator, with a Parallel, of Poetry and Painting”, in C[harles] A[lphonse] du Fresnoy, De Arte Graphica. The Art of Painting, [], London: [] J[ohn] Heptinstall for W. Rogers, [], →OCLC, page xliv:
      To make a Sketch, or a more perfect Model of a Picture, is in the Language of Poets, to draw up the Scenary of a Play, and the reaſon is the ſame for both; to guide the Undertaking, and to preſerve the Remembrance of ſuch things, whoſe Natures are difficult to retain.

Derived terms[edit]


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