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Back-formation from unary and similar, from Latin adjective suffixes -aris and -arius; compare related -arian, and -adic. Doublet of -eer and -yer.



  1. of or pertaining to; adjective suffix appended to various words, often nouns, to make an adjective form. Often added to words of Latin origin, but used with other words also.
    order, ordinary
  2. (mathematics) having the specified arity.
    • 1927, A. D. Campbell, “The discriminant of the m-ary quadratic in the Galois fields of order 2n”, Annals of Mathematics, Second Series 29:1-4.
    • 2007, Philippe Leroux, “A simple symmetry generating operads related to rooted planar m-ary trees and polygonal numbers”, Journal of Integer Sequences 10:4.


Derived terms[edit]

(math operation of given arity):


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