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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowing from Latin -ārium and -ārius. Compare the inherited doublet -eiro.



-ário m (feminine -ária, plural -ários, feminine plural -árias)

  1. forms adjectives, from nouns, meaning “of or related to the suffixed nouns”
    alfândega (customs (government agency)) + ‎-ário → ‎alfandegário (relating to the customs)
  2. forms nouns, from nouns, denoting a collection of the suffixed noun
    adágia (adage) + ‎-ário → ‎adagiário (a book listing adages)
    ficha (record) + ‎-ário → ‎fichário (filing cabinet)
  3. forms nouns, from nouns, denoting a place where the suffixed noun is kept
    ave (bird) + ‎-ário → ‎aviário (aviary)
    bicicleta (bicycle) + ‎-ário → ‎bicicletário (parking lot for bicycles)
  4. forms nouns, from nouns, denoting someone who works in on with the suffixed noun; -er; -eer
    cartório (office of a notary public) + ‎-ário → ‎cartorário (notary public)
    biblioteca (library) + ‎-ário → ‎bibliotecário (librarian)
    expedição (expedition) + ‎-ário → ‎expedicionário (one who partakes in an expedition)
  5. forms nouns, from nouns, denoting an instrument used to measure the suffixed noun
    ângulo (angle) + ‎-ário → ‎angulário (instrument for measuring angles)
    Latin luna (moon) + -áriolunário (calendar based on moon phases)


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]