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From scale +‎ -ie.


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scalie (plural scalies)

  1. (Canada, US, dated, derogatory, slang) A strikebreaker.
    • 1908, "On the Firing Line", Machinists' Monthly Journal, Vol. 20, No. 11, November 1908, page 998:
      While we were there a couple of scalies came out and started up the street, but seeing the strikers there they turned around and went back into the saloon.
    • 1911, "From Brittania Lodge, No. 361", Railway Carmen's Journal, Vol. 16, No. 3, March 1911, page 129:
      In the car department we would repair cars that were disabled and placed in bad order by a bunch of scalies taking the place of striking switchmen, engineers, Firemen, etc.
    • 1935, International Stereotypers' and Electrotypers' Union Journal, Vol. 30, page 830:
      In Dallas, women scalies cursed women pickets; four pickets went to jail for disorderly conduct while the scalies went on to work.
  2. (Australia, slang) A weighbridge worker.
    • 1984, Bruce Stannard, "The demons that haunt the long-run truckies", The Bulletin, 7 August 1984, page 68:
      [] even allowing for the detours through the back roads to avoid the "scalies" who man the highway truck-weight checking stations.
    • 1991, Leslie P. Richards, Truckin' Tales: The Early Days, (2007), →ISBN, page 43:
      Approaching Port Augusta I had lights flashed at me, warning that the weighbridge was open. I expected this because the scalies had passed me on the road earlier.
    • 2009, John Andersen, "Floodwater graveyard", Townsville Bulletin, 3 March 2009:
      Scalies are stationed 24/7 on the northern outskirts of the Towers to ensure no one does tries to do a rat-run. The weight limit might soon impact on a large number of jobs.
  3. (US, informal) A scaled quail (Callipepla squamata).
    • 2003, Durwood Hollis, Hunting Upland Game & Waterfowl, Krause Publications (2003), →ISBN, pages 40-41:
      About the same size as the valley quail and the Gambel's quail, the scaled quail is often referred to as the "drab shirttail relative." Gray-blue in color (often known locally as "blue quail"), with a slight black tipping of the chest and breast plumage that creates scalelike markings, (hence the nickname "scalies"), []
    • 2003, Ben O. Williams, Winston: The Life of a Gun Dog, Willow Creek Press (2003), →ISBN, page 165:
      I sensed the birds' presence, but I had no idea if they were Gambel's or scalies, even though the habitat read scaled quail.
    • 2007, Jeffrey Engel, Sherol Engel, & James A. Swan, Chasing The Hunter's Dream: 1,001 of the World's Best Duck Marshes, Deer Runs, Elk Meadows, Pheasant Fields, Bear Woods, Safaris, and Extraordinary Hunts, HarperCollins (2007), →ISBN, page 212:
      Then the exploding whirr of wings in the wind — a mixed covey of bobwhites and scalies.
    • 2008, Tom Arnhold & Web Parton, Wingshooter's Guide to Kansas Upland Birds and Waterfowl, Wilderness Adventures Press, Inc. (2008), →ISBN, page 56:
      Scalies are more prone to be in open grass away from cover.
  4. (furry fandom) A reptile or reptile-like animal character with human characteristics.
  5. (furry fandom) Someone who roleplays or describes themselves as being such a character. (compare furry)


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