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Blend of scam +‎ pandemic. Coined by conspiracy theorists to describe the COVID-19 pandemic and the actions of governments and other organizations in response to it.


scamdemic (plural scamdemics)

  1. (informal, derogatory, neologism) A period of time where the idea of an ongoing pandemic is used to defraud the general public.
    • [2020 May 1, Alexei Koseff; Trisha Thadani, “CHP arrests protesters in Sacramento who defy shelter-in-place order to demand California reopen”, in San Francisco Chronicle[1]:
      A similar protest in San Francisco drew about 40 people across the back entrance to City Hall, waving American flags and holding signs, saying things like “Scamdemic!” and “Newsom is a Dictator!”]
    • 2020 June 1, Craig Farrell; Ann Mooney, “Coronavirus in Ireland – McGrath calls for end to ‘scamdemic’ as TDs demand lockdown eases to help kick-start economy”, in The Irish Sun:
      “We are now at the stage where instead of having a pandemic it’s becoming a scamdemic. []
    • 2021 January 6, Amanda Devlin, “Piers Morgan furiously threatens to force Covid-deniers into coronavirus wards without PPE after getting sick abuse”, in The Sun:
      "They all claim it's a 'scamdemic' and say the hospitals are empty.
    • 2021 September 9, Matt3rvrs [username], “Biden announces new vaccine mandates that could cover 100 million Americans”, in KTVZ[2], comments:
      Im[sic] sure ol’Barn [Barney Lerten] will chime in with the “truth” lol and keep pushing the KTVZ [a local news station] Leftist agenda.. THE SCAMDEMIC CONTINUES..

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