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Aphetic form of escarp.



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scarp (plural scarps)

  1. the steep artificial slope below a fort's parapet
  2. (geology) a cliff at the edge of a plateau or ridge caused by erosion or faulting; the steeper side of an escarpment
    • 2014, Paul Salopek, Blessed. Cursed. Claimed., National Geographic (December 2014)[1]
      Sweating under the sun, we scale the barren eastern scarp of the Great Rift Valley (Area B), edging carefully around controversial, razor-wired Israeli settlements (Area C).



scarp (third-person singular simple present scarps, present participle scarping, simple past and past participle scarped)

  1. (earth science, geography, transitive) to cut, scrape, erode, or otherwise make into a scarp or escarpment
    to scarp the face of a ditch or a rock
    • 1849, [Alfred, Lord Tennyson], In Memoriam, London: Edward Moxon, [], published 1850, OCLC 3968433, (please specify |part=prologue or epilogue, or |canto=I to CXXIX):
      From scarped cliff and quarried stone
    • (Can we date this quote by Emerson and provide title, author’s full name, and other details?)
      Sweep ruins from the scarped mountain