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scheme +‎ -ie


schemie (plural schemies)

  1. (Scotland, derogatory) Someone who lives in a council house estate or "scheme".

Usage notes[edit]

Used as derogatory term by the working class who live in the town centre to differentiate themselves from the working class of the outskirts.


  • 1996, Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting [1]
    They’d rather gie a merchant school old boy with severe brain damage a job in nuclear engineering than gie a schemie wi a Ph. D. a post as a cleaner in an abattoir.
  • 1996, Irvine Welsh, Ecstasy [2]
    Stupidity and sleaze, that’s what it is. Schemie windows. Ah look at the world through schemie windows.
  • 2005, Jenny Colgan, The Boy I Loved Before [3]
    This wasn’t skeggy little schemie bully. This was big-time cheerleader style.