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Alternative forms[edit]


From science fiction +‎ -eer. Compare fictioneer.


  • IPA(key): /ˈsaɪ.əns ˌfɪk.ʃənˈɪə/, /ˈsaɪ.ɛns ˌfɪk.ʃənˈɪə/
  • Rhymes: -ɪə(ɹ)


science-fictioneer (plural science-fictioneers)

  1. (dated, fandom slang) Creator of science fiction.
    • 1951 September 3, “Medicine: Departure in Dianetics”, in Time[1], volume 63, number 10:
      The cult of dianetics, which was going strong a year ago (TIME, July 24, 1950), has some of the features of a new religion. Its founder, Science-Fictioneer L. Ron Hubbard, claimed that his "science of the mind" could cure all mental and most bodily ills, make supermen of truly devoted converts.
    • 1994 April, Interzone, number 82, page 64:
      Science-fictioneers such as Robert Sheckley, Joe Haldeman and Frederik Pohl.
  2. (dated, fandom slang) Fan of science fiction.
    • 1940 November, Weisinger, Mort, “Looking Forward”, in Thrilling Wonder Stories, volume 18, number 2, page 8:
      We wonder how you science-fictioneers would have greeted the theorists of the year 600!
    • 1946 May, Ackerman, Forrest J, Astounding Science-Fiction, volume 37, number 3, page 93:
      The 4th World Science-Fiction Convention, first full-scale meeting of science-fictioneers since 1941, will be held in Los Angeles on July 4-5-6-7.