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Alternative forms




From science +‎ -y (characterized by; like, suffix forming an adjective).



sciencey (comparative more sciencey, superlative most sciencey)

  1. (informal) Scientific; of or pertaining to science.
    • 1998, Thomas Bender, Carl E. Schorske, American Academic Culture in Transformation, →ISBN:
      True, most of us concede that quasi-experimental empirical research, today symbolized by multiple-regression equations, is in some sense the most "sciencey" part of political science.
    • 2001, Kirk Read, How I Learned to Snap: A Small-town Coming-out and Coming-of-age Story:
      AIDS was too sciencey for me. My eighth-grade term paper was on censorship, Tipper Gore's assault on free speech in the music industry, and the Dead Kennedys.
    • 2014, Jeff Patton, Peter Economy, User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product, →ISBN:
      But with the statement above, I honestly can't recall a situation where it wasn't true although I have no sciencey data to back this up.
    • 2014, Alison Hughes, On a Scale from Idiot to Complete Jerk, →ISBN:
      This project will follow the scientific method, which, as far as I can tell, is just sort of looking at things in a sciencey way.
    • 2015, Gareth P. Jones, No True Echo, →ISBN:
      She puts it down to her being artistic and Melody being more sciencey.'
  2. (informal) Apparently, but not necessarily, scientific; having the trappings of science.
    Synonym: sciencelike
    • 2010, Kat Banyard, The Equality Illusion: The Truth about Women and Men Today, page 60:
      Here was the hidden gender curriculum in full flow - with very clear gendered values and expectations being imparted to the children who walked in: boys are loud and active and like 'sciencey' things such as building and constructing; girls, on the other hand, are quiet and passive, preferring to do 'caring' things and look pretty.
    • 2013, Daniel Loxton, Donald R. Prothero, Abominable Science!:
      It sounds sciencey, it looks sciencey, and it can fool a lot of people into thinking it's scientific but there are clear reasons why it is not.
    • 2014, David Tieck, Ok, Intriguing: Hell Yeah! Awesomenessous, →ISBN:
      Fear not, I have formulated (a sciencey word) this easy to understand list of signs that you may be a scientist:
    • 2017, David M. Barnett, Calling Major Tom, →ISBN:
      All those pencils in your pocket. You look sciencey.


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