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See see to, verb.


seeing to

  1. (informal) A beating.
    • 2012, Ivor Baddiel, Steve Fist, Bottle: The Completely True Story of an Ex-Football Hooligan
      [] the weeping landlord of the pub, who I dragged away from the cellar where three of the lads were still giving him a seeing to.
  2. (informal) An act of sexual intercourse.
    • 2010, Debby Holt, The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide
      When he wants some sex he says, 'You look as if you're in need of a seeing-to,' even though it would be obvious to anyone else that I am not in need of a seeing-to.
  3. (informal) A thorough cleanup or repair.

Usage notes[edit]

Usually in the form "a good seeing to"